The Importance of Gas Detection Systems

Gas detection systems identify the presence of unhealthy/harmful gases within or outside a building. These gases could be flammable and result in a deadly fire in the event of an accident or may be toxic to humans. An interfaced gas detection system with a control system can be used to turn on ventilation systems or shut down systems. Gas detectors alert occupants if an action such as evacuating a building would be necessary. These systems also aid in maintaining the productivity of your business.


Identifying Flammable Gas

A gas detection system that identifies flammable gas is vital for preventing dangerous fires. A flammable gas is any gas that has properties which will burn or ignite. An infrared sensor gas detector can be used to identify the presence of flammable gas. In the event of a high level of flammable gas being detected by the sensor, equipment may be shut down and the air may need to be ventilated.

Identifying Harmful Gas

A harmful gas is a gas that may be toxic or dangerous for people to inhale or be exposed to. A harmful gas detector uses electrochemical sensors or metal oxide semiconductors to identify the presence of a harmful gas. A harmful gas detector may react to hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen deficiency, and more. Should the sensor identify a high level of harmful gas, the building may need to be evacuated to ensure the safety of the occupants.


Applications for Gas Detection Systems

Gas detection systems are required in various applications. Most industrial and manufacturing facilities require gas detectors to prevent employees from exposure to hazardous gases.

Some places that would require gas detection include:

  • Automotive Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Oil & Gas Applications
  • Power Generation
  • Welding Shops


Compass Visual Security Supplies Gas Detection Systems

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