CathexisVision 2020 has recently been released and includes several software features and enhancements.

Object Classification / Neural Networks: Extensive video analytics suite has received a major boost through the addition of Object Classification algorithms.  These algorithms allow to add an additional “rule” to the decision-making process by only triggering events if the detected object is of a pre-determined type, for example person, vehicle, or animal.

Camera Wizard:  This feature explains all the steps needed to add a camera, as well as allowing the creation of databases, schedules, and events along the way.

Motion Recording made simple: This enables users to very quickly add motion recording to cameras or groups of cameras.

Video Ageing:  This feature allows video footage in one database to be transcoded, in a reduced size, and stored for a longer time in a second database. The goal is for the video to take up less space, so that more days of recording can be stored. The benefit is greater freedom for users to make the most of their video space.

Database Shredding: Optional database shredding is a new feature that enables permanently destroying video older than the user-defined recording limit. This option offers the benefit of securing data privacy and security by destroying information and preventing it from getting into the wrong hands.

Extended Filtering to Scheduled Metadatabase Reporting: Extended filtering has been added to scheduled metadatabase reports, which enhances the reporting process, making it even easier for users to find the information they are looking for.

New 3rd Party Integrations: Cathexis integrates with a number of third party systems.


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