Wisenet AI Camera Range

As AI becomes increasingly favored across various industries, it is inclined to be incorporated in video surveillance. Edge-based AI (which filters and processes data locally on camera) will become omnipresent, enabling end-to-end AI camera technology. Most security cameras export collected data to servers to be analyzed. Edge-based data is first analyzed by the camera and thereafter sent to the server. This diminishes the inconvenience of transferring and storing large amounts of data to a server. This also increases efficiency, saves time, and reduces server costs that are usually applied to analyze data.

Enhance event monitoring accuracy by reducing false alarm

As the number of surveillance cameras grows in an organization, the operator may be inundated with excessive information to handle as motion-based detection cameras generate too many event alarms. Operators occasionally undergo great strain to verify one another which could result in delayed response times. Wisenet P Series AI cameras have built in AI algorithms that are capable of drastically improving operator efficiency.

Pixel based motion detection    AI based on object classification


Classify target objects with attributes

Wisenet P Series AI Cameras separates what it sees into expanded categories such as ‘Person’, ‘Face’, ‘Vehicle’ and ‘License Plate’. Wisenet AI Algorithms are instantly and accurately capable of identifying the various attributes of an object within the camera’s field of view. For example, when the camera detects a person, it immediately identifies the color of clothing. It is also equipped to detect whether the person is holding a bag or wearing glasses. These attributes are saved as metadata alongside the captured footage.

Wisenet AI detection

BestShots for minimizing storage and bandwidth requirements

The BestShot feature of the Wisenet P Series AI Cameras ensures that the most applicable images of the classified objects are sent to the storage server. Each image can consist of tagged attributed metadata and can be cropped up to 4K quality. Users can select from setting the image resolution at 2MP for full video streaming or utilize the BestShot feature to minimize bandwidth and storage requirements.

Wisenet BestShots


AI search when using non-AI cameras

Wisenet P Series AI NVRs support AI search even when users have only non-AI cameras installed at sites. Users can search various objects such as people, vehicles, faces and license plates by using non AI cameras with Wisenet P Series AI NVRs.

Wisenet AI NVR


Wisenet AI NVR supports LPR (License Plate Recognition) search

Wisenet P Series AI NVRs support LPR search when working with non AI cameras or Wisenet AI cameras together. Users can immediately and efficiently search license plates using OCR (Optional Character Recognition) technology which are recorded with digital data based on letters and numbers.

Wisenet LPR


Wisenet SSM – The best partner for AI smart search

Wisenet P Series AI Cameras are fully supported buy Wisenet SSM Video Management Software, allowing operators to search for specific events quickly and forensically or for objects with defined attributes, by filtering the recorded metadata.

Wisenet SSM VMS

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