Honeywell L-PCM06A

5” Metal Ceiling Loudspeaker

  • Clear and stereo audio performance with dual-cone speakers
  • Cone with gasket designed for longer operation life
  • Sturdy press fit metal grille appearance
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Simple power setting
  • Excellent crash and rust resistant performance
  • Flush-mounting system for fast and easy installation
  • CE and RoHS complied


L-PCM06A is a cost-competitive ceiling loudspeaker which has an excellent audio performance and aesthetic appealing enclosure. This full range loudspeaker features a high sound pressure level and a wide frequency response range. It is intended for use in verbal and music public address system where high quality sound and wide exterior compatibility are desired. L-PCM06A has a built-in 6W dual-cone speaker and a 100V matching transformer mounted on the back. The round metal front grille is well fitted in the front. The loudspeaker is CE and RoHS complied.


L-PCM06A Honeywell Public Address 6W Celing Loudspeaker, 5″ , Metal Dual Cone, White, Flush Mounting System

Honeywell L-PCM06A datasheet

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