Pelco Sarix Modular Camera – Discreet Security Cameras

Low-Profile Video Security Solution To Meet Unique Use Cases

The Sarix Modular camera is Pelco’s most discreet video security solution, with built-in analytic capabilities. Specifically designed for areas with limited space or that require an unobtrusive monitoring solution, such as

  • ATMs,
  • Police interview rooms,
  • Retail checkout counters,
  • Building entrances or
  • Casino gaming tables.

The camera’s imager modules can be mixed and matched for a variety of applications and can be flexibly positioned in different locations and orientations to help capture the most optimal view of people or scenes of interest.

Small, Discreet Form Factors With Flexible Placements

Imager modules that can be mounted in a variety of orientations and discreet locations to help capture the most optimal coverage of people or scenes of interest. One or both of the imager modules can be used at a time. Imager modules are tethered to the central camera processor unit by detachable cables.


  • 3MP or 5MP
  • 5-year warranty
  • Pelco Smart Analytics
  • H.264 & H.265
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • ONVIP compliant
  • IP66


Product Form Factor MP WDR Analytics Lens IP66
IDL303-PHI Right Angle 3.0 3.7mm Fixed Pinhole
IDL302-FXI Micro Bullet 3.0 2.8mm Fixed
IDL502-FXI Micro Bullet 5.0 2.8mm Fixed


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