Pelco Sarix Enhanced Series 3- Superior Visibility and Advanced Analytics

Pelco Sarix Enhanced Series 3 Fixed IP cameras are ideal for environments with challenging lighting and harsh environmental conditions.  This series of cameras is designed to quickly, accurately, and reliably extract actionable security information.

Built for difficult lighting conditions

Sarix Enhanced Series 3 cameras are designed to handle a broad range of lighting conditions while always delivering sharp footage. They also feature resolutions of up to 8MP and true WDR as well as ultralow light and image stabilization capabilities. And with frame rates of up to 120 FPS at 1080p, there is the ability to slow down scenes of interest and capture detailed images in applications like traffic and gaming.

A vandal-proof solution

The Pelco Sarix bullet and dome models are IK 10 vandal resistant, making them ideal for any location where video security equipment could be at risk.


Designed for a lower cost of ownership

This solution also comes with Pelco Smart Compression and h.265 encoding, which enables lower bit rates without compromising image quality. Reduce storage and bandwidth costs by compressing up to 70% depending on complexity and level of motion in the scene.


Pelco Advanced Analytics Suite

The Sarix Enhanced Series 3 cameras pair perfectly with Pelco’s Advanced Analytics Suite. Powered by deep learning, the Advanced Analytics Suite enables our customers to quickly focus on situations needing immediate attention for faster response times. The solution also acts as a platform for advanced deep learning analytics, with superior accuracy in its ability to easily categorize objects within the scene.


Product types

Sarix Enhanced Series 3 Outdoor Bullet IP Cameras Sarix Enhanced Series 3 Mini Dome Cameras (Indoor and Outdoor) Sarix Enhanced Series 3 Box Cameras
2MP cameras: IBE238-1ER 2MP cameras: IME238-1ERS and IME238-1IRS 2MP camera: IXE23
3MP cameras: IBE332-1ER and IBE338-1ER 3MP cameras:  IME332-1ERS, IME332–1IRS, IME338-1ERS, IME338-IRS 3MP camera: IXE33
5MP cameras: IBE539-1ER 5MP cameras:  IME539-1ERS and IME539-1IRS 5MP camera: IXE53
8MP cameras: IBE832-1ER and IBE839-1ER 8MP cameras:  IME832-1ERS, IME832-1IRS, IME839-1ERS, IME839-1IRS 8MP camera: IXE83

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