Milestone XProtect 2021 R1 – Clarity, Compatibility, Control

Milestone XProtect 2021 R1

The first release of 2021 has been released with a lot of exciting updates thereby improving Milestone XProtect even more.

Situational Awareness made easier

See the whole picture with Smart Map
  • Know your surroundings
  • Identify areas of concern
  • Act quickly and responsibly

With Smart Map, operators can

  • Visualize the VMS
  • Gain Situational awareness
  • Navigate effortlessly
What’s NEW?
  • Alarms:  It shows operators where and when alarms are triggered
  • Microphones: Operators can also listen to audio from the location directly from the Smart Map
  • Input devices:  It can display and receive data from input devices such as door sensors and doorbells
  • Device clustering:  Automatically group near-by map items into clusters for a better visual overview when zooming
  • Milestone Map Service: Smart Map now includes an embedded Milestone Map Service

Shorter recoding server start-up and repair time

XProtect 2021 R1 allows you to:

  • Shorten start-up and repair time by up to 50%
  • Minimize downtime and work continuously

Reduce maintenance time by updating firmware in XProtect

Regular firmware updates are an integral part of keeping installations safe and well-functioning. But executing these updates is a tedious task. In this release, we help operators gain back precious time with the ability to update firmware directly in XProtect Management Client.

Now, system administrators with supported device brands* can complete updates from a single user interface, saving time and energy. Bulk updates for devices in XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert are also possible.

*This feature supports devices from AXIS, Bosch and Hanwha. It also supports devices connected through the ONVIF driver.  


Build without barriers

The cap on supported channels has skyrocketed to 512, giving professionals more freedom of choice. This is a vast improvement from the 16-channel limit for ONVIF and the 64-channel limit for the Universal Driver. Partners building their own integrations with the Milestone Driver API/SDK, can now enjoy complete freedom, going from a 1-channel limit to support for an unlimited number of channels.

Device Before 2021 R1 From 2021 R1
ONVIF Max 16 channels 512 channels supported
Driver API/SDK Max 1 channel Unrestricted number of channels supported
Universal driver Max 64 channels 512 channels supported

Centralized Search – Rank results by relevance

Operators can rank Search results by relevance, with the most relevant results listed at the top.

This new function helps users find results that best match their search parameters and quickly find what they are looking for.


XProtect Mobile – improved timeline performance

The new recording timeline in XProtect Mobile is enhanced with an enlarged preview image when users scroll the timeline.

This makes it easier to see the recorded footage and locate a relevant video sequence.


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