Stronger encryption.  Better Protection.

With XProtect you can rest assured that your user information is protected and encrypted at all times. XProtect 2020 R3 uses the latest encryption technology provided by Microsoft, making sure user information such as usernames, passwords, and devices are encrypted end-to-end.

  • Stronger data protection
  • Increased cybersecurity
  • Evidence authenticity
  • Password-protected configuration
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant mode enabled


Better video performance.

XProtect 2020 R3 promises faster and more efficient video search, performance and delivery.

  • Multi-category search
  • Generic 360-degree dewarping
  • XProtect Smart Client performance improvements
  • Adaptive streaming for XProtect Mobile
  • Direct streaming improvement

A better way to configure device credentials.

To help operators stay secure and efficient, Milestone added a new feature that allows users of relevant devices (eg. Axis, Bosch, Hanwha) to configure the initial usernames and passwords directly from “add hardware” dialogue box in XProtect Management Client.

Easier than ever to find video on XProtect Mobile

New timeline of recordings in XProtect Mobile:  On-the-go users can now scroll through a timeline of recordings and quickly switch amongst them when searching for specific events. Users can also pinch to zoom in the timeline and see more details, or scroll through it to quickly and intuitively find specific recordings







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