Biometric fingerprint readers for real world performance

The Impro biometric reader takes reading fingerprints to a new level with multi-spectral imaging, capturing both the surface and sub-surface fingerprints for unrivalled accuracy.  Worn, dirty, wet or even oily fingerprints are quickly captured and matched in under one second – consistently outperforming other conventional fingerprint technologies. That means no wiping and swiping to get your finger clean when working on a mine, manufacturing facility or anywhere else.

Why choose the Impro biometric reader?

  • Liveness detection protects against fake fingers and other spoofing methods.
  • The reader has duress finger functionality built-in for added user protection. Should an attempt be made        to remove or damage the device, the optical tamper feature will send an automatic alert.
  • Rapid and accurate reading of all fingerprints.
  • Mobile enabled – The inclusion of BLE and NFC provides the gateway for the use of virtual credentials, along with fingerprints for increased security.
  • Built for any environment – sleek but robust.
  • Built-in vandal resistance and extreme weather protection for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Simple installation – clipping mechanism.



Impro HRB910 Biometric Reader with 1K Users

Impro HRB911 Biometric Reader with 5K Users

Impro HRB912 Biometric Reader with RFID

Impro HRB913 Biometric Reader with 5K Users and RFID 



How does COVID-19 affect Impro Biometrics?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many sites are suspending the use of touch-based fingerprint biometric readers.  However, there are alternatives in managing your site:

Card-based credentials

Impro Biometric readers allow for both finger and card credentials.  This means that you can quickly deploy cards to all users for an immediate no-touch solution and then later activate the biometrics for an enhanced security.

Virtual credentials

For even greater convenience you can place the traditional card-based credentials on a device with Mobile Access.  This securely places your credentials into your mobile phone or wearable allowing you access by simply twisting or tapping the device to enter. No touch is necessary!

No touch credentials

Impro has differing solutions that are able to meet you needs and budgets offering no-touch hand readers or facial recognition readers.  Alternatively, Impro also offers a wide range of non-biometric readers.  See more


With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, Compass has grown its offering to encompass a broad range of both commodity and high-end integrated solutions.