Hanwha Techwin’s newly unveiled AI-based traffic management solutions called ‘Road AI’ bolster smart city infrastructure 

The Road AI equipped with edge-based AI technology is a line of optimized solutions for traffic management. It features accurate LPR (License Plate Recognition)/ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and MMCR (Make, Model, Color Recognition) in which powerful AI deep learning algorithms allow recognition of vehicle brands, models, and colors.

Through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing, the BestShot images of the license/number plates are converted into machine-readable text and numbers. Vehicle classification of seven types: CAR, SUV, VAN, LCV, TRUCK, BUS, Motorcycle, and data collection of driving directions empower easy and efficient event/object search.

The Wisenet Road AI supports real-time view and event monitoring. Users can search cars with information such as Date/ Time, LP/ NP, Photo, Country, Type, Brand, Model, and color. This encourages more efficient monitoring and management of overall traffic flow, facilitating prompt response to an incident or accident.

Products in Road AI

PNO-A9081RLP Bullet Camera PNB-A9001LP Box Camera PNV-A9081RLP Dome Camera
Hanwha Techwin PNO-A9081RLP

4K LPR/ANPR Network IR Bullet Camera

Hanwha Techwin PNB-A9001LP

4K Low-Mid-High Speed LPR/ANPR Network Box Camera

Hanwha Techwin PNV-A9081RLP

4K LPR/ANPR Network IR Vandal Dome Camera


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