Eliminating Walls in the Corporate World Using Suprema Access Control

Suprema access control

Many businesses are now leaning towards the idea of an open floor plan and have bid farewell to the idea of traditional office designs with cubicles and closed offices. Open-office floor plans have become a key selling point for potential employees as the design enables staff to work closely together and adopt a collaborative culture. This new trend is suitable for tasks that require frequent communication or for routine activities that need limited concentration. As a result of this new trend, many employees have lost the privilege of a lockable file cabinet or drawer, creating security risks. Suprema access control systems became a convenient solution to this dilemma.

Open floor plan offices skew the balance between private and public areas. This shift also impacts how a company safeguards and protects personnel, including sensitive company information. Companies must then consider security threats of an open floor plan and potential risks affiliated with data security. Staff are unable to protect their personal or business belongings as the threat of a well disguised thief increases. Open offices also raise questions about the difficulties of protecting personnel in the event of an active intrusion. These aesthetically pleasing office designs make it a lot more challenging in the case of an emergency or evacuation plan.

Access Control Security Systems

Access control security systems are designed to safeguard and protect the building and its content, keeping unwanted people out, and granting access to authorized individuals. The lack of physical security in place leads to the potential exposure to criminal activity, including theft, fraud, or vandalism. An effective access control system for any office starts at the front door. The recent trend is to invest in an access control system that relies on biometrics for single-factor authentication and multi-factor authentication.

In the past, the most reliable biometric measures have been eye scans or fingerprints, however, with the fast-paced advancement in technology, facial image extraction has rapidly become a preference. Face recognition has successfully achieved consistency and accuracy, meeting the requirements and criteria of traditional biometric authentication systems and access control applications. Facial recognition refers to a biometric software application that can uniquely verify or identify an individual by analyzing and comparing patterns based on the facial contours of a person. It is also considered the most natural and preferred biometric measurement based on easy deployment and implementation.

The first task of a contactless access control system is detecting and capturing a face which results in granting or denying access to personnel. Face-as-a-credential technology integrates surveillance cameras, facial recognition algorithms, and access control points into a powerful and completely contactless access control system. This technology offers secure points of entry and can also track movement and location of visitors and employees within the building.

Benefits of access control systems

While the primary goal of any access control system is the protection of people, data and personal information from hackers and prying eyes is a close second. Many companies have adopted biometrics as a protection measure to accessing important information whilst reducing the risk of being hacked.

Access control and physical security holds great benefit with protecting sensitive information, however, company procedures and policies need to dictate what information can be accessed and when and where. Data security and physical security need to be complete to reduce potential security risks of an open office environment.

Suprema’s product line meets the challenge of securing an open office with its range of superior engineered biometric algorithm access control solutions, offering an extensive portfolio including biometric access control system and embedded fingerprint modules. The Suprema FaceStation F2 is an advanced face recognition terminal, providing true contactless access control with the additional benefit of time and attendance management, offering accuracy, unrivaled matching speed, and levels of security.

With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, Compass has grown its offering to encompass a broad range of both commodity and high-end integrated solutions.