Developing flexibility with the integration of the AXIS S3008 Recorder

Axis S3008 Recorder on Desk

Business needs vary over time, depending on the changes of demands in the market. This results in changes to security solutions being necessary to cater to different circumstances. A flexible surveillance system which can be easily scaled and adjusted is vital to ensure premium security. This integration is crucial to businesses considering growing the size of a premises or expanding various sites, and require a cost-effective, high quality security service solution. The AXIS S3008 Recorder is the ideal solution. This article outlines different scenarios where the integration of the recorder will make a significant impact based on the benefits.


Axis S3008 Recorder on Desk

Support Expansion

AXIS S3008 Recorder is a conveniently sized recorder which allows connection of up to 8 devices and supports an extensive range of products from Axis’ portfolio. Customers can now easily expand their systems as and when required with the new integration providing better compatibility with Axis video management solutions.

This integration allows an easy transition from Axis Companion to Axis Camera Station video management software (VMS) if a more sophisticated operation is required. This solution also offers the added benefit of reduced labor costs and minimum maintenance.

There are several different scenarios where the new integration will be beneficial:


Scenario 1: Transitioning from Axis Companion to Axis Camera Station to accommodate a shift in needs

Axis Companion video management software supports easy, intuitive surveillance and allows secure remote access to video. The ability to manage all the cameras connected to a site makes it the perfect solution for small to medium sized sites.

Many customers consider this to be an entry-level model based on the lower cost than other video management solutions. This gives customers the chance to ‘test’ it’s capabilities and decide if it fits the requirements of the site.

However, as time progresses, the business may need more advanced functionality – moving over to Axis Camera Station would be beneficial. This refers to businesses looking for a more ‘proactive’ type of surveillance rather than the occasional, incident-based type of surveillance. Businesses can also actively manage who enters the premises and when by implementing access control devices.

The new integration of the Axis S3008 Recorder allows businesses to transition to Axis Camera Station without having to replace the hardware. The switch requires the server and licenses to be added and results in being less expensive.


Scenario 2: Scaling to an unlimited number of sites with Axis Companion

The Axis S3008 is ideal for businesses that want to expand the number of premises, with each site operating a standard security deployment of Axis Companion. The recorders can be set up on each site along with the network video and audio devices to record and monitor activity across all sites.

Smaller businesses such as coffee shops would find this beneficial should they wish to replicate what they have in place as advanced capabilities of Axis Camera Station may not be required. The cost and maintenance of Axis Companion is also significantly lower in comparison to a more advanced VMS.


Scenario 3: Expanding the Axis Camera Station system to support greater premises and increased number of sites

Moving from a single site to a multi-site

The Axis S3008 Recorder can be installed at multiple remote sites whilst using an existing Axis Camera Station for more complex, advanced deployment. This solution can be scaled up from providing surveillance for an individual site to national chains whilst sustaining the same storage capabilities per site. This could relate to a retailer or a franchise restaurant that requires surveillance in numerous additional premises.

The advantage is that maintenance and monitoring can be actioned and controlled remotely in a central location within the same vicinity of the Axis Camera Station server by the security team. This would be connected via virtual private network (VPN) to the different sites, which each have an Axis S3008 Recorder installed, together with the respective audio devices and cameras.

This configuration allows the surveillance team to be alerted and monitor the video feed from multiple different sites simultaneously. The video is only sent to the central location when necessary, through the use of alerts to inform the team of specific sites, ensuring savings in bandwidth. In the event of an incident occurring at multiple sites, security personnel or law enforcement can be alerted via a coordinated response.

Expanding an existing system with new devices

The Axis S3008 Recorder also provides the option of adding several new devices to an existing Axis Camera Station set up when connecting them on the same premises. This comes in handy if a business wishes to increase the size of the premises to allow for expanded capabilities, such as a storage facility. Businesses can increase the video storage by deploying dozens of Axis S3008 Recorders to the system as needed.


Thinking ahead

Axis S3008 Recorders ensure a more flexible, easier installation of varied video management systems from small to enterprise businesses. It is a priority for organizations to be confident in their security system’s capabilities in the present and future. The Axis S3008 Recorder provides businesses the option to scale without increasing load on the system or maintenance costs. Organizations can be confident in their surveillance system remaining efficient and making the lives of users, as well as installers easier.

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