CathexisVision and Impro Portal Pro – Access Control Integration

CathexisVision and Impro Portal Pro

Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness to address security challenges

Cathexis, in partnership with Impro Technologies, has developed a powerful integration solution between the Portal Pro software and the CathexisVision video management software. This integration enables CathexisVision to receive information on general and zone events from the Portal Pro software.

Integration Capabilities

  • Access control and CCTV on a single platform for streamlined operation.
  • Associate cameras with access control events for real-time visual identification.
  • Search and filter the database to find access control events and associated video footage.
  • Generate reports in CathexisVision on data received from the Portal Pro software.
  • Add device to a site map.
  • Create unique actions triggered by access control events, such as: record or control cameras, send event info to local or off-site control rooms, send email or SMS notifications, play audio clips and control the device


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