CathexisVision 2021 offers several new features and enhancements that improve the product capability and overall operational effectiveness of your solution.

New features

  • Video Analytics/ AI enhancements:  Cathexis has updated their advanced analytics algorithms to reject false positives and detect anomalies to prevent them from causing a false trigger.
  • Face redaction:  The CathexisVision Archive viewer provides the option for faces to be redacted when exporting footage from an archive to MP4 format.
  • Mask Detection:  Users can configure the system to trigger certain actions depending on whether or nor a person is detected to be wearing a mask.
  • Physical Distancing Algorithm:  The software tracks activity using people proximity analytics
  • Occupancy Management:  There are many benefits for this, for example managing customer occupancy, planning logistics and enacting Covid safety regulations
  • Temperature monitoring:  Thermal face temperature monitoring increases the efficiency and safety of your security solution.
  • Face detection:  On detection of a face, the system can be configured to trigger events, perform temperature readings  and even export a thumbnail image of the face to third-party systems.
  • Enhanced ANPR:  There are two new features which have been added to, average speed measurement and vehicle loitering.

New Third Party System Integrations

  • Impro Access Control
  • Axis I/O devices



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