Flexible and reliable recording solutions

Edge storage is a technology used in Axis network cameras and video encoders that enables video recording directly to an onboard SD™ card or a network-attached storage (NAS) device. Edge storage makes it possible to design flexible and reliable recording solutions, optimize bandwidth usage, and lower the cost and effort for remote site recording. It offers an affordable remote site recording solution wherever bandwidth is limited or absent. High quality images are stored on the camera SD card, replacing the need for an onsite server.


3 benefits of edge storage

Recording redundancy:  Edge storage enables failover recording, which means that images can be temporarily stored on the SD card on board the camera during network disruptions or system maintenance. When the network connection has been restored and the system returns to normal operation, the central VMS can automatically retrieve missing video clips from the camera and seamlessly merge them with video recordings.

Low-bandwidth environments:  By combining low-bandwidth monitoring with high-quality local recordings, you can optimize bandwidth usage but still retrieve high-quality video from incidents for detailed identification of objects and individuals

Remote installations and onboard surveillance:  Edge storage enables high-quality video recordings in remote locations and installations where network availability is fluctuating or missing entirely. In onboard installations, such as on a train, edge storage can record video when the vehicle is in operation. The recording can then easily be transferred to the central system when the vehicle stops at a depot


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