Today’s safety.  Tomorrow’s advantage.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way that we do business.  In order to ensure that people are safe and organizations, schools and businesses run as effortless as possible, Axis has created innovated technology. Dependable Axis technology is designed to increase security while maximizing business performance and operational efficiency. Axis solutions also encourage safer behavior, allowing us all to comply with pandemic regulations. By using smart technology, we have greater opportunities to carry on with our daily business while protecting ourselves and the people around us.

Occupancy compliance today.  Improved performance tomorrow.

P8815-2 Axis People Counter
Axis People Counter  (01147-001) Axis P8815-2 3D People Counter (01787-001)
AXIS People Counter offers a cost-effective way to count your visitors, enabling you to analyze your visitor trends and make informed decisions that can drive business growth. From retail stores and public buildings to airports and train stations, this application is ideal for any indoor location where people counting is of interest. AXIS P8815-2 3D People Counter combines stereoscopic imaging with 3D analytics for reliable people counting even in challenging conditions. From retail stores to museums, it provides valuable information that can help you gain insights into visitor trends and enable you to optimize your business operations.

Health reminders today.  Public address tomorrow.

Audio messaging offers benefits in any environment where people gather and move around. Whether a store or inside a school, at a manufacturing site or in a city square, a network audio system is a practical tool to keep people informed at all times.

Touchless entry today.  Flexible entry options tomorrow.

A flexible access control system not only allows for touchless access to prevent spread of disease, but is also a more convenient, cost-effective and simple way for companies to manage identification credentials. Mobile access control can complement or replace traditional physical cards.

A4010-E Reader without Keypad








Axis A4010-E Reader: Generic touch-free reader

Public health today. lncident management tomorrow.

Knowing what is going on around you is key in many applications. Video from multiple remote sites can be centrally monitored to provide complete situational awareness and the possibility to react to events in real time. Remote monitoring benefits all kinds of applications, from data centers to health care facilities. Remote monitoring video

  • Enhances security and safety in your store
  • Protects your valuable data
  • Keeps operations up and running
  • Improves patient healthcare


Safer and smarter, today and tomorrow.

With over 30 years of experience in the security industry, Compass has grown its offering to encompass a broad range of both commodity and high-end integrated solutions.