Milestone Husky X2

  • Milestone Husky X2 is delivered with pre-installed XProtect VMS
  • Plug-n-play
  • The PoE provides PoE+ on all ports with 250W of total power.
  • Integrated I/O connectors
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Efficient Intel® i3 Skylake


The Milestone Husky X2 is a 2U rack mountable plug-n-play network video recorder with a built-in PoE+ switch and input/output connector. With a verified continuous recording throughput of more than 550 Mbit/s, it provides the power and scalability required in most small to mid-market surveillance installations. The Milestone Husky X2 comes with pre-installed XProtect VMS, allowing everyone to start right with the free XProtect Essential+ or any other XProtect VMS version.


HX2  Milestone Husky X2 barebone-HW
HX2P16  Milestone Husky X2 barebone w/16 PoE switch-HW
HX2S2TB-2  Milestone Husky 2*2TB HDD (4TB total) w/tray for X2-HW
HX2S4TB-2  Milestone Husky2*4TB HDD (8TB total) w/tray for X2-HW
HX2S6TB-2  Milestone Husky2*6TB HDD (12TB total) w/tray for X2-HW
HX2S8TB-2  Milestone Husky2*8TB HDD (16TB total) w/tray for X2-HW
HX2S10TB-2  Milestone Husky2*10TB HDD (20TB total) w/tray for X2-HW
HX2S12TB-2  Milestone Husky2*12TB HDD (24TB total) w/tray for X2-HW
HX2ST-2  Milestone Husky2*HDD tray for X2-HW

Milestone Husky X2

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