Wisenet Premium 180˚ Panoramic Camera

Single Panorama + Original + Crop images
PNM-9030V can simultaneously stream a total of 7CH : a single panoramic 20MP image merged from the 4 original images, 4 of the original 5MP images from each sensor, and 2 of the 2MP crop images.
180˚ and 220˚ view mode for Panorama images
The panoramic image of PNM-9030V support both 180˚ and 220˚ view modes.
ㆍThe 180° mode provides 180° horizontal and 70° vertical field of view, which maximizes the effectiveness with its vast vertical viewing angle.
ㆍThe 220° mode provides 220° horizontal and 52° vertical field of view, which can help users to monitor areas that need wider viewing angle such as corners of the building.
Improve bandwidth by up to 99% using WiseStream II
When Hanwha Techwin’s original video compression technology WiseStream II is combined with H.265 compression, the bitrate data is reduced by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology. The costs of configuring and maintaining the system are also greatly reduced, while still maintaining the same pixels and high quality.
A comprehensive range of intelligent video analytics
Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras support a variety of exclusive video and audio analytics, providing enhanced monitoring solutions and market intelligence.
* Supported video analytics may vary depending on the camera.
Optimized for Indoor and Outdoor
Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras are suitable to monitor even the smallest details in a wide area. They are ideal for applications such as warehouse, shopping mall entrances, train stations, parking lots, and more supporting IP66, IK10.

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